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Child killer in $10 a night paedophile house after secret release

A Sydney father (above) convicted of killing his seven-year-old daughter, whose ‘mummified’ body was found lying in her own faeces, has secretly been released from prison early

A father convicted of killing his seven-year-old daughter in the most horrific of circumstances has been quietly released early from prison.

Daily Mail Australia can exclusively reveal the 60-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, has left prison and is now living in a notorious half-way house outside the razor wire of ‘s Long Bay jail, which is known as Nunyara Community Offender Support Program Centre.

The child killer – who was a gambling and prescription drug addict and took 25 Valium tablets a day before he was locked up – is under conditions not to drink, take drugs, gamble or have unsupervised contact with children. 

But those conditions only require him to be inside the centre between 10pm and 6am – leaving him a potential 16 hours outside its walls. 

The squalid $10-a-night quarters is renowned for housing paedophiles and child killers who have nowhere else to go once they are freed from prison. 

The COSP, which can house up to 93 newly-released serious offenders, is infamous for the antics of child sex offenders.

BW served just 15 years for Australia’s worst starvation neglect killing of Ebony, 7, (above) whose body was ‘more emaciated than a Holocaust victim’

The heavily tattooed gambling and drug addict is living in the infamous ‘a paedophile house’ Nunyara (above) within walking distance of two child care centres, a kindergarten, and a primary school

BW is under conditions at the squalid $10-a-night notorious halfway house (above) but can roam freely for 16 hours a day from the facility which is near three child care centres

Previous paedophile residents have escaped by cutting off their tracking anklets, or breached parole conditions by getting drunk and carry knifes.

The COSP is within walking distance of two child care centres, a kindergarten, a primary school and a community centre which holds programs for children aged two to 16 years old.

However, the man can only be identified as ‘BW’ due to child protection laws unique to the state of NSW which mean neither an image of the offender nor his name can be revealed.  

BW got early release from jail after serving 15 years for Australia’s most appalling child starvation case of ‘Ebony’ who was imprisoned in a  ‘putrid’ room and starved to death. 

Heavily tattooed BW (above) is a gambling and Valium addict with an aggressive, controlling personality who successfully blamed Ebony’s mother to get a reduced sentence

Ebony was locked inside a putrid rom that ‘doubled as her toilet’ for weeks as her parents slowly starved her to death and stopped washing her or allowing her access to light and air

Ebony, who weighed just 9kg, had shrivelled and sunken eyeballs and whose head was basically just a skin-covered skull, looked  more emaciated ‘than a Holocaust victim’, said one traumatised expert.

Suffering from autism, Ebony had been overweight and 카지노사이트 known to smash things and compulsively touch objects while running round a room babbling.

From July 2006, after she had turned six, the little girl was progressively dehumanised, and excluded from dressing, washing, family photographs, human contact, light and air.

Locked in a boarded-up room in Hawks Nest on the NSW Central Coast, which a judge said ‘doubled as her toilet’, Ebony was found dead with hardened faecal matter inside her called a ‘starvation stool’ in a stench so foul it permeated the house. 

Ebony died on November 3, 2007 in her room where she lived behind a door tied with rope to prevent her coming out.She had no toys or personal items. 

The forensic pathologist attending BW and SW’s house on the day in question found ‘a little child dead … in an extreme degree of emaciation … wasted and dehydrated … looked almost like a mummy’.

Dr Kasinathan Nadesan described Ebony’s clothing and bedding as heavily stained, possibly from a combination of vomit, faeces and other bodily fluids.

Despite claiming he was too oblivious in a Valium-induced stupor to notice, which the sentencing judge deemed ‘palpable nonsense’, BW carried on backing horses and gambling on the internet.

Health, education and welfare agencies called in to intervene had been repulsed by the heavily tattooed father whose aggression and threatening behaviour intimidated workers.

After Ebony’s death, BW and the child’s mother SW claimed the seven-year-old had been eating and watching TV the night before her death.

Doctors’ told BW and SW’s joint murder trial the child was so wasted from malnourishment that she could not have sat up, stood or even held up the weight of her own head for weeks before her death.

BW, 46, and SW, 37, went on the run for two weeks before being arrested at Port Kembla in possession of $4000 cash, at which point BW immediately blamed SW, telling police it was ‘all her fault’.

The murder trial of the parents of Ebony (above) was told the child was so wasted from malnourishment that she could not have sat up, stood or even held up the weight of her own head for weeks before her death

Locked in a boarded-up room which ‘doubled as her toilet’, Ebony was found dead with hardened faecal matter inside her called a ‘starvation stool’ in a stench so foul it permeated the house

Ebony’s mother, SW (right, above with BW), a controlling narcissist, argued he was violent, controlling and completely dominated her, but she was apportioned the heavier blame for the death

At their NSW Supreme Court trial, BW claimed he had no part in Ebony’s care, saying he had only seen the girl twice in nine weeks and that the child was SW’s domain.

Ebony’s mother, SW, argued BW, was violent, controlling and completely dominated her, and both were heavy prescription drug addicts. 

SW’s lawyer told the court she had met BW when she was 17 and he was 26, 카지노사이트 and that he introduced her to heavy Valium use, ‘threw me around the room’ and that he pimped her out, dressing in a school uniform out to sado-masochist clients.  

However a jury convicted only SW for Ebony’s murder, acquitting BW on the charge, but convicting him of manslaughter.

Despite noting the gravity of BW’s offence was within the worst case category for the crime of manslaughter, Justice Robert Hulme sentenced him to just 16 years with a 12 year minimum.

Residents in the house which back on to Nunyara COSP say it’s appalling that paedophiles and violent sex offenders live where ‘there’s kids galore all around …parks, sports ovals, all in a radius’

Child killer and serial paedophile Michael Guider, the killer of Samantha Knight, Leaves Long Bay jail (above) in 2019 to go and live at Nunyara COSP 

The judge sentenced SW to life without parole, which she later appealed.

She is now serving a maximum 40 years, but with her 30 year minimum still having 15 more years until its November 16, 2037 expiry date. 

The NSW Serious Offenders Review Council (SORC) recommended BW transition into the community via parole supervision from May this year, with the inmate deemed ‘unlikely to reoffend’.    

He is living at the same facility where notorious serial paedophile Michael Guider went to live after his release in 2019.

Back then, neighbours told Daily Mail Australia of their serious concerns.

‘Are they serious?He’s in his element here. It’s putting everything on a silver platter for him,’ resident Lerryn said.

‘There’s kids galore all around here, there’s parks, sports ovals, all in a radius around where he’s living.’

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